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Attractive & Long-Lasting Sundecks in Kamloops

ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks is your home for stylish and durable sundecks that revamp your outdoors. There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than with our top-quality shade over your head. Revel in the mornings and enjoy the nights with the right sundecks for your homes. Our range of options will leave you satisfied. We make sure we work within the budget and provide you with a hassle-free installation service. At ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks you get top-notch service being pocket-friendly. Enjoy the change of seasons in Kamloops with professionally installed sundecks, made foolproof using our waterproofing vinyl, that reflect your sense of style. 

We have years of experience on the job and a strong reputation for high-quality workmanship. We choose highly durable materials for our sundecks and that means our customers find long-lasting solutions. Get top quality services and on-time delivery all within your budget with ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks. Our custom-built options are available for home builders, developers and homeowners. All our products are sure to enhance the appeal and function of your property. 

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Top Quality Vinyl Deck Roofs

A name synonymous with quality vinyl decks, Duradek vinyl fittings provide its users with a top-notch experience with its durable and long-lasting life. To meet the promise of premium quality and a long-lasting sundeck to customers, we use Duradek vinyl deck for all our sundecks in Kamloops. Duradek provides a host of advantages over other vinyl as its strong and walk-resistant roofing membrane protects you from the forces of nature. 

Additionally, it comes with a host of other advantages that make it the preferred choice among our customers in Kamloops:

Flame resistance

  • Duradek vinyl comes with class A flammability certifications and provides high-grade fire resistance when installed over a non-combustible substrate.

UV protection

  • Duradek vinyl series come with layers of ultraviolet inhibitors to protect against the harmful effects of UV light like burning, fading, and discolouration from the sun. This helps keep your sundeck looking new for longer.

Vinyl with a long life

  • Duradek vinyl comes with a specific thickness and uses top-quality materials to ensure maximum flexibility. This also improves its durability and provides additional features like the ability to repel water, leaving your sundeck damage proof. 

Attractive designs and colours

  • Another great feature of Duradek vinyl is that it combines long-lasting durability with attractive designs and colours. It comes with one the largest selection of colours and styles. And as a leader in the industry provides best in class warranty.

Why Hire Us?

For the right sundeck that blends modern styles with on-time installations, ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks in Kamloops are the perfect solutions for you. We are the authorized dealers of Duradek which comes with a 10-year warranty and is destined to last much longer. Here are some of the top reasons why you should avail our services:

Quality craftsmanship and timely installations.

The vast experience of building sundecks for customers across Kamloops.

Attractive price.

As Duradek installers, we have a wide range of options to choose from.

Top-quality sundecks and hassle-free installations.

Excellent product quality for safety and durability.

A variety of options for deck construction or renovation.

Contact Us in Kamloops

If you require a custom-built sundeck in your home, look no further than ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks. Our expert staff guide every step of the way, all from making the right choices of designs and colours to delivering timely installations. Getting long-lasting sundecks that don’t fade or wither under water or fire damages has never been easier. 

Contact ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks to learn more about how to get the perfect sundeck for your place. We’re here to help with any queries. If you are looking for stunning designs, highly durable sundecks in Kamloops, ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks are the ones for you.


We have completed some exemplary waterproofing and sundeck projects over the years.

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